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Red Velvet Rabbitry

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These are websites I have enjoyed in the past and present. Feel free to take a look. If you have a link that needs to be added or one does not work please email me. Thank you.

Rabbitrys- Organized by state alphabetically

American Fuzzy Lops and Holland Lops in Mountain Home, AR

Raising awesome Jersey Woolies in Northern California

Jersey Woolies in Agouti, Self, and Tan Pattern.

Northern California

Raising Mini Lops in Central California

Breeding quality holland lops and polish in SouthEast Idaho

Breeding quality mini rex in Louisianna

Breeding Satins and Mini Rex in Southern LA

American Fuzzy Lops in Owosso, MI

Jersery Woolies, Rex, and Mini Lops in West Central MN

Raising Mini Satins and Satins in Upstate New York.

Raising Hollands, American Fuzzy lops, and Polish
Located in
Northern Ohio

Big and Small we like them all: Raising Jersery Woolies, Belgian Hares, and Flemish Giants in SouthWest PA.

Breeding black and broken black mini rex in Aransas Pass, Texas
Raising awesome mini rex in SouthWest Texas.
Raising Mini Rex, Rex, Mini Satin, and Havanas in Virgina. Also has great links on her website!
Specializing in Fawn, Sandy, Black, Steel Gray and Light Gray Flemish Giants, Both Black and Blue Checkered Giants, Chocolate Polish and Himi Mini Rex in Yelm, WA

Breeding lops and cavies in Southern Wisconsin