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I keep my mini rex in all wire cages. The dimensions are 2’ by 2’ by 18”. They are stackers and are easy to clean with trays. Mini rex suffer from sore hocks because their feet are not covered in fur. If you keep them in a all wire cage you have to have something for them to stand on that is solid flooring or softer and not wire.

For each breed dimensions vary considering their size. I know that some Flemish are kept in dog crates because of their large weight. But smaller breeds can be kept in any size from 2 ft. by 1 feet by 14 inches depending on how small the rabbit is. Also breeding does get bigger cages to raise their young and be able to stay on the other side of the cage to keep away from the kits.

There are also different types of cages. There is the all wire cage which has just wire and no flooring. There is also the hutch which is usually built using wire and wood. Most hutches have a wooden room and a wire room and a wooden roof. Then there is the different doors and stuff also. Then there is the plastic bottom cage. These cages are not the best because the rabbit can sit in their pee and poop all day if you do not change it every time he uses it. It will prevent sore hocks though. And these cages are sometimes used for kindling does instead of using a nest box. There is also NIC Cubes. These are plastic coated wire that pet owners use to build mansions out of. You can make them however many levels you want and make them big or small. The pets have a great time but again these rabbits need to be litter trained, so they don’t make a huge mess . And the floor is wire so you need to cover it. These can not be stackers or hanging cages because the squares are large enough to fall through and is just not stable enough to have the constant pressure.

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