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Rabbits and Heat

Rabbits and Their Heat Problems...
Rabbits can not be in weather over 80*F. Rabbits get heat stroke VERY easily. Sadly many rabbits die because people do not realize the danger of this heat. Most rabbits will be ok in 85*F but if it gets over 90*F there needs to be something done. Here are some things that you can do...
Get a fan, dont point it right at them because breezes can kill them, but keep it going near them.
Move them to the shade, drastic weather changes from direct sun to shady areas.
Ice water bottles and switch out every day.
Ice metal bowls that are big enough for them to sit in and enjoy.
Bring Ice Cubes out everyday and wet their ears. If they will allow it also place ice on backs.
Wet a towel and place over cage. Then put fan on other side.
The best idea though, is to BRING THEM IN.

The symptoms of heat stroke

If you rabbit is laying stretched out and breathing heavily.

If your rabbit is sweating through the nose and paws.

If, when touching your rabbits ears, they are burning up.

If your rabbit is nonresponsive.


In emergency situations dunk your rabbit into a bucket of tepid (room temperature) water without soaking his head.

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