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I feed my rabbits a pellet/ hay based diet, but there are many different ways to go.

My rabbits all receive plain alfalfa based pellets every morning and a smaller amount every night. They get 1 oz. per a lb of body weight. At night they get oz. per a lb of body weight.

When a doe is pregnant she gets as many pellets as she can eat as long as she does not eat like a pig and make herself fat and over weight. Once she has had the litter the food dosage decreases slowly until she is back the normal amount of pellets she is receiving.

Rabbits that are under 6 months old get alfalfa hay stocked as much as they can eat. When a rabbit reaches 6 months or older they are switched to timothy hay gradually. They get a handful of timothy hay every morning. At night if they have finished off all their pellets and hay they will receive a smaller amount of hay to hold them over until morning.

Rabbits that are under 6 months do not get ANY treats. Treats can cause diarrhea which can be fatal to the kits.

Rabbits that are 6 months old are gradually introduced to treats. This means a very small piece at a time and watch their poop. Once rabbits are over 8 months they often only get treats on their birthdays or holidays, because we don’t want them to be overweight.