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Caring for the older babies

The babies have reached 10 days old. Now what? The babies eyes should be open by now. If not they could have an eye infection. If they have an eye infection the eyes should be watering and "goopy". You can try to pry the eye open gently by using a warm damp wash cloth and try to open the eye with this.

The eyes are open. The babies are 3 weeks old. Now what? Well, the babies should be hopping out of the nest box now and the nest box should be removed. At 3 weeks they should be experimenting with the pellets and hay. Not eating only the hay and pellets but trying them while still nursing. They should also be interested in one another and you. Make sure you let them run around and get lots of exercise.

The babies are 6-8 weeks old. Now what? The females and males should be separated. The males need to be separated from the mother also. You can leave the females with the mother if the mother is not pregnant again. If she is then you really need to separate the females into their own cages.

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