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Judge Remark Card

The second set of forms you must complete for a rabbit show is the Judges Remark Cards. Like the Registration Form, accuracy is critical. Incorrect remark cards may result in your rabbit being unshowable. This form serves two purposes. First it gives you a record of the judges remarks regarding your rabbit. Second, it lets the show secretary know who placed where in the judging. One remark card must be completed for every rabbit you enter.

The Remark Card

  • Ear No - This is the tattooed ear number of your rabbit. Judges will call off this number and give their remarks about the rabbit.
  • Coop No - Used by show staff
  • Entry No - Used by show staff
  • Exhibitor - This should match the name on the ARBA entry form.
  • Address - Your address
  • Show - The name of the show
  • Date - The date of the show
  • Breed - Your rabbit breed
  • Variety - This should match the variety listed on the ARBA entry form
  • Circle all of the terms that apply on the Buck / Doe Jr / 6/8, etc. line You should be circling at least two.
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