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Red Velvet Rabbitry

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A rabbit must place better than 5th to obtain points. But what are points? Do they give us an award? Points are earned at an ARBA sanctioned rabbit show and they are for your breed specific specialty club. The ARBA does not have a sweepstakes contest. But you must be a member of your specialty club at the time of the show to get the credits for points. But the ARBA show must sanction your club for the points to be counted for you. A fee must be paid to the specialty club by the show. Each show will list its sanctioned breeds in its catalog. If your breed is not sanctioned at the show, then you don’t earn any points for your specialty club sweepstakes contest. The sweepstakes contest involves a monetary reward. Each specialty club that its own way of calculating points and disbursement of the sweepstakes money. You should contact your specialty club to get the exact details of their sweepstakes contest.

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